Memento mori.

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How to Prosper in Life.

A selection of life principles based on my experiences so far.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. All points are based on my life experiences up until now. The goal is to help you grow as a person. Be better than you were yesterday.

Please note, these points are biased as they draw from my experience. You might find out they don’t fully apply to your life. Which is fine, since we are all different. Besides, you read every post critically anyway, correct?

Learn to code.

There is a big discussion on whether it’s good to know how to code or not. I believe you should have at least the basic understanding of how code works. Listen to Steve Jobs explain why.

I tried to avoid it for a while. Then one day, 17th May 2015 to be precise, a friend told me to start with JavaScript. “JavaScript will be the love of your life,” he said. And he was right. We have been happily married since.

Please, do learn to code. Stanford has a good entry course.

Learn to focus.

We live in a world full of distractions. Every time I link to another source, I am distracting you from reading this note. Ironically, it’s almost as if I didn’t want you to read my post.

Unless there is an event that wipes out most of the world, we will continue to have more distractions around us. The ability to focus is what will set you apart.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to do this. You will have to figure that one out for yourself. All I can tell you is what works for me. To-do lists, clean desk, pen and paper. Now it’s your turn.

Take care of your body.

I know what you think, it’s easy for me to say this. But hear me out.

I know people who have spent majority of their lives sitting. When they started exercising, they immediately felt the difference. I can give you references if you don’t believe me.

The further behind you’re starting from, the faster you will feel the progress. See you tomorrow at the gym.

Don’t waste your time.

You have less of it than you think. I will let Krept & Konan explain it more poetically.

I am still learning. Sheryl Sandberg gives me hope it’s fine.

Find a mentor.

Don’t tell me you don’t need a mentor. Whatever you do, you need one.

You can succeed at learning things on your own. Please have a look at the previous point and then go find your mentor. There is something to be learnt from everyone.


Be brief.

I would love to write a longer post. But hey, I value your time.

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