Memento mori.

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Before we begin, I want to get a few things off my chest. Yes, that is my real name. No, I did not make it up to sound Latin, it is not a nickname or a Pokemon. That baby picture I use is me. I know my face is fine. No, I will not change it. Yes, I was always like this.

I bet you would ask at least one of those questions, so I provided the answers in advance. I am not tired of hearing it over and over again, I simply wanted to write at least one non-serious paragraph.

With that aside, you are probably here to find out more about me, so let’s get started.

The Past.

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would not know. Unlike some people, I never wanted to do that one thing. Instead, I loved exploring. And so I did. I spent my childhood doing various activites. I would list them all, but no one likes to read long paragraphs, so you will have to take my word for it.

However, I could not see myself doing any of those things for a living as it would mean having to leave the other ones. I wished so many times I would not want it all. Alas, that never happened. Knowing I am not alone keeps me somewhat calm.

The Present.

You can see what I currently focus on in the aptly named section of this website. Without getting into too much detail, I like honesty, facts and efficiency, so I work on projects related to that. Like so many people before me, I also think about education, but every time I come out empty-handed.

The Future.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow. However, predicting and influencing the odds of certain outcomes is something I can see myself doing forever. Whether that be through direct or indirect contributions is of lesser importance.

Did I Forget Something?

“Where is the CTA?”

– you

Good question, I am glad you asked. I like to meet interesting or ambitious people, ideally both traits combined in one person. I also like to hear about interesting projects and learn new things. Do you tick any of these boxes? Get in touch.

Thank you for reading.