Memento mori.

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I breathe for products with an exceptional user experience. These are a blend of craftsmanship, potential for a long-lasting social impact on scale, and founders with great learning velocity. I prefer markets most people find boring, i.e. B2B and hard technology. I generally avoid fads in all areas of life.


A fantasy portfolio based on my personal thesis. Come back in 10 years for the results.

  • Atomos Nuclear and Space - Splitting the atom to connect the planets. 24-Jun-18
  • Contraline - The future of male contraception. 24-Mar-18
  • Descript - Audio has found its voice. 18-Dec-17
  • Flexport - Freight forwarder for the internet age. 02-Dec-16
  • Hablamos EspaƱol - Find local Spanish speaking professionals. 24-Jun-18
  • Monzo - The bank of the future. 17-Feb-17
  • Reely - Artificial intelligence for sports. 11-Oct-17
  • uDrew - Instant building approvals. 02-May-18


Open to cofounders or useful introductions.

  • Digital postal mailbox.
  • Outdoor advertising.


Things I aspire to work on in the future.

  • Biotechnology.
  • Public infrastructure projects.
  • Sustainable energy.
  • Tools for scientists.