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Nice to meet you! 👋

Before we begin, let’s do some admin work. Yes, that is my real name. No, I did not make it up to sound Latin, it is not a nickname or a Pokemon. That baby picture I use is me. I know my face is fine. No, I will not change it. Yes, I was always like this.

I figured you would ask at least one of those questions, so I provided the answers in advance. I am not tired of hearing it over and over again, this is just faster. With that aside, you are probably here to find out more about me, so let’s get to it.

The Past.

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would not know. Unlike some people, I never wanted to do just that one thing. Instead, I loved exploring. And so I did. I spent my childhood doing various activites. I would list them all, but no one likes to read long paragraphs, so you will have to take my word for it.

However, I could not see myself doing any of those things for a living as it would mean having to leave the other ones. I wished so many times I would be like normal people and not want it all. That never happened and so I ended up becoming an entrepreneur like every other delusionial person.

Let me explain what I mean. Everybody has ideas. Many people thought about space rockets, airplanes, or cars way before they existed. The odds are against such thoughts. If it was possible, surely someone would have done it already? But only entrepreneurs are so delusional to think they will be the first ones to do it.

The Present.

You can find my past and present delusions in the aptly named section of this website. I do not want to get into too much detail, but I believe in intellectual honesty and honesty in general. I feel like not enough people do, so a lot of my work revolves around those virtues.

Another trait I have is an insatiable desire to learn. If you know something I do not, I am curious to find out what it is. I am not sure if this happens to everyone born into a family of teachers, but I am positive I will never stop learning. I think a lot about education, but like so many people before me, I am yet to find a good solution.

The Future.

I will forever enjoy identifying the most daring thoughts and working on making them a reality. Investing is an interest of mine, but I was not endowed with wealth, so it is off the table until that handicap gets erased.

Contrary to the first impression, I can be cautious, especially with other people’s money, so I am not seeking to join an institutional fund. However, a single chance meeting can completely change your life, so never say never.

Did I Forget Something?

“Where is the call to action?”

– you

Good question, I’m glad you asked. I am always happy to meet interesting or ambitious people, preferably both traits combined in one person. If that’s you, I hope you can find a way to reach me.

Thank you for reading.