Hello from London. 👋

I'm a software engineer by day and an angel investor by night. Sometimes in reverse. I enjoy working with good people on impactful projects with potential to scale. If that's you, maybe we can be friends?


I see life as a game of chess. The board is set and I try to make the most of my position. Every move I make is intended to set me up for the next one. This means sometimes I have to pass on great opportunities that don't fit my strategy. My endgame is to keep working on exponentially more impactful projects over time.


I create exceptional user experiences. Over my career, I've worked on projects spanning many industries but they all had one thing in common – the focus on the user. I use web technologies to achieve that outcome, but I'm familiar with the whole software development lifecycle. I add the most value to projects looking to go from an idea to the initial product release.


My life is an eternal struggle to marry creativity with execution. I like to alternate between going broad and narrow. My behaviour is shaped by my deep belief in honesty, seeking knowledge, and pursuit of excellence. I love humour, curiosity, sports, and my family.


I believe in a perfect world. However, it requires hard work to build it into that state. There are many ideas I'd like to realise by actively contributing or funding them. The areas I'm interested in include biotechnology, climate tech, nomad citizenship, public infrastructure, sustainable energy, and tools for professionals.


I'm always open to opportunities that match my interests. Similarly, if you think I can help you with anything based on my profile, please reach out. You can reach me using Email, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thank you for reading.