A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


Nice to meet you! Before you read any further, I want to make a few confessions. Yes, that is my real name. I did not make it up to sound Latin, it is not a nickname or a Pokemon. That baby picture is also me. I know my face is fine. No, I will not change it. Yes, I was always like this.

I bet you would ask at least one of those questions, so I provided answers in advance. You are welcome. With that aside, you are probably here to find out more about me, so let's get started.

The Past.

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would not know. Unlike some people, I never wanted to do that one thing. Instead, I loved exploring. And so I did. I spent my childhood doing various activites. I would list them all, but no one likes to read long paragraphs, so you will have to take my word for it.

However, I could not see myself doing any of those things for a living as it would mean having to leave the other ones. I wished so many times I would not want it all. Alas, that never happened. Knowing I am not alone keeps me somewhat calm.

The Present.

I am always exploring different ideas, so there is no point in listing all of them. You can see what I currently deem worthwhile in the Focus section of this website. I pick projects that align with my personal values and give them everything. Personal goals are to get my work in front of 100M+ people, remain curious, raise a happy family, and stay fit forever. Simple.

You might be also wondering what purpose this website serves. That's a good question. At first, it was a way to establish presence and claim my little space online. Gradually, it evolved into my digital house. I try to keep it tidy, work on cool projects in the garage, and pay my council tax. Like in a normal house, you can get to know its occupants by examining their bookshelves or observing their decorations and pictures on the wall. If I had to pick one thing I hope you gain from visiting this site, it would be this.

The Future.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow. However, predicting and influencing the odds of certain outcomes is something I can see myself doing forever. Whether that be through direct or indirect contributions is of lesser importance. However, I hope my circle of competence expands as I get older, so I can keep working on exponentially more and more interesting projects.

Did I Forget Something?

"Where is your call to action?"

-- you

Good question, I am glad you asked. I like to meet interesting or ambitious people, ideally both traits combined in one person. I also like to hear about interesting projects and learn new things. Do you tick any of those boxes? Get in touch.

Thank you for reading.