Your Life as a Minimalist.

If you aren't among the devoted practitioners of minimalism and want to understand what their daily life looks like, read on. If you're a minimalist yourself, see how many points you can relate to.

Your house has to be spotless.

When your friends come over, they always compliment the state of your house and add you didn't have to clean just because they are visiting. You laugh sheepishly and hope they don't notice you blushing.

Your work desk has to be clean.

They say that work is your second home. If that's true, your second home can't fall behind the first one. You can't start work without having your desk/clothes/tools clean. By the way, what's wrong with that colleague who leaves stuff on his desk overnight?

You abhor birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays.

No, you are not afraid of celebrations. You are also fine with the masses of drunk people. But receiving yet another gift? That is too much. What are you going to do with so many things?! And where will you find the space for them?! Your relatives try to push the gifts under your door as you refuse to unlock it on your birthday.

Apple sold how many phones?

You struggle to understand who keeps buying all that stuff in this world. Apparently, year on year sales have gone up again. You wonder if Apple buys its own products and then destroys them to keep the factories busy. You treated yourself to a pair of T-shirts for £3 on Amazon on Black Friday.

You have a challenge with yourself... keep all your social media updates under 140 characters. Who has time to read anything longer than that? You wonder why Twitter wasn't the first social network.

School had it the wrong way.

You wish you got extra points in school for keeping your essays succinct. Your arguments with the teacher never worked - explaining the same topic in half as many pages resulted in a fail.

The writer's block.

Everybody knows it. However, you keep staring at the blank page only because it looks so clean and beautiful.

My hobbies? Cleaning!

You perform a regular clean up of your house, folders in your computer, and friends. At least 4 times a week.

You dream about having a new hobby.

You would love to pick up new hobbies. The only problem is that they often require you to buy a lot of new equipment.

Software = hardware.

Although software is non-tangible, it still takes up space in your computer. And surely that can't be good. Your electronic devices have to be clean, too!

You were hipster before it was cool.

When people started admiring Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg for wearing the same outfit every day, you got annoyed because you have been doing it for years.

There are many ways to procrastinate...

...but cleaning is not one of them. Nor is OCD a disease. Also, it should have been named CDO. Just saying.

Today was a good day.

Good day is when you manage to find a thing to remove from your life. How did Ice Cube miss this? Or did he just remove this line from the original text?

Morning routine.

Your morning reading includes Jony Ive’s portfolio.

You are (probably) not afraid of snakes, but... hate anything that resembles one. Namely, every electronic device that comes with extra cables. When will wireless become mainstream?

You spend a lot of time on Medium.

You love Medium because it’s the closest thing to real paper you’ve ever seen. Lately, you might have been poking around on Bold or Bear.

Friends can't tell if you're going to the shop or to the airport.

Not because you do both of these activities so often, but because of your ability to pack yourself into one bag, regardless of how far you're going.

The word misplaced has been misplaced from your dictionary.

You know exactly where your stuff is (most of the time). The secret might be not having too many things.

Your role model.

There is a secret room in your house, full of posters of Monk. If you could have dinner with one person, you would definitely pick him.

White sensation.

You make sure you have every article of clothing in white colour.

You'd absolutely convert...

...if there was a religion of Dieter Rams.

Perfectionism is a compliment.

You often hear people saying that perfectionism is a bane of any promising project. You filter those people out of your life immediately.

Everything needs to be perfect. You should have as few things as possible. You'd totally love to have an empty house if it would be possible.

And lastly...

...your head is always full of new ideas.

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